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Sangita Dosanjh: The Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary Man – Author’s Talk and Book Launch

Museum & Art Gallery31 August 2024

“If you had asked me about my five-year plan when I was eighteen years old, living and working in England certainly was not what I would have envisaged, not even in my wildest imagination.” – Ajit Singh Dosanjh

At the age of 23, Ajit Singh Dosanjh, left his village of Dosanjh Kalan, District Jullundur, East Punjab, India, and headed off into the unknown. Moving to England could be compared to stepping into a time machine, being propelled forward and landing on a somewhat alien planet.

Leaving behind a simple rural life of mile upon mile of fields and dirt tracks to walk on paved streets, (not paved with gold as some had thought).

With electric sockets and light switches replacing the kerosene oil which lit the divas (lamps), running water from taps replacing water pumped from wells and gas for cooking replacing outdoor open fires. These to name just a few of the differences…

Join Sangita Dosanjh, for the fascinating story of her father, from her book The Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary Man.

Presented as part of The Derby Yaadaañ Archive

Suitable for Adults (18+). Booking essential, limited places.

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