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Railways Revealed

Discover Derby’s impact on the world through the railways.
Collection Highlights
About the collection

Discover Derby’s impact on the world through the railways. Experience our much-loved model railway, built by volunteers, and understand the breadth of trades associated with the railways, including manufacturing and tourism. Railways Revealed is also home to the Study Centre, where you can find out more about the people who worked in the area’s railways and explore the archives of the Midland Railway Society.

What can I see?

Using collections, particularly from the Midland Railway, explore the impact the development of the railway industry had on Derby and continues to do so today. Discover the brilliant Model Railway, first displayed at Derby Museums in 1951.

What can I do?

Visitors can encounter collections objects showing the impact the railways had on Derby and the surrounding area. The Model Railway can be explored, and our knowledgeable volunteers who work on the model are often on hand to answer questions about the making processes involved in model making.

What can I learn?

Learn about the popular model railway and explore the collections of the Midland Railway Society.