The Assemblage at the Museum of Making – image 33 [c] Speller Metcalfe-Derby Museums

The Assemblage

Similar to an open museum store you can see the Collections of Making arranged by their principal material.
Collection Highlights
About the collection

The Assemblage is not your average museum display. A bit like an open museum store you can see the collections of making arranged by their dominant material. Explore the gallery at your own pace, or use a Work Station to make your own trail or search for objects.

What can I see?

Here you can see the collections of Making displayed en masse and grouped by the materials they are made from: wood, metal, ceramic, organic, glass, stone, textile, and synthetic.

What can I do?

Explore our collections and use our Work Stations to create your own trails in the gallery and find out more about the collections of Making.

What can I learn?

Learn about the objects that are in the collections of Making, some of which are on display for the first time.

Main image © Speller Metcalfe