Exhibition Showcases Men’s Fashion in the Swinging Sixties

Peter Feely exhibition 3

Main image: Peter Feely in costume [c] Derby Museums

Derby Museums delves into the world of men’s fashion in this incredible exhibition of men’s clothing.

The Peacock Revolution showcases a unique selection of men’s clothing from the private collection of Peter Feely of Derby. Peter has been collecting clothing for over 30 years, concentrating on the period 1966-1970 (the ‘Swinging Sixties’) from now famous men’s boutiques once located on Carnaby Street and King’s Road in London. Names including: Granny Takes A Trip, Lord John, Hung On You, Take 6, Apple Boutique are represented in the show.

Carnaby Street and King’s Road are now synonymous with 1960s clothing. From the Beatles to the Rolling Stones, The Who to Small Faces – they all bought their fantastic threads from these two legendary locations. This was a time when British music and fashion really did lead the world. From crushed velvet trousers to satin shirts, kaftans and brocaded jackets – this is the period when clothing became technicolour!

Peter Feely, said: “It is a real privilege for me to be able to share my collection with the people of Derby, and hopefully further afield.”

Janine Derbyshire, Head of Visitor Experience at Derby Museums, said: “We have never held an exhibition that just featured men’s fashion before so when we saw Peter’s rich collection, we were blown away by the style, fabrics and sheer exuberance of these garments. If clothes could talk, then I’m sure these would have some fabulous stories to tell about the people wearing them and places they have been!”

The exhibition opens at Pickford’s House on Saturday 9th April and runs until 2023. Admission is free and visitors are invited to Give What You Think in support of Derby Museums. More information about the exhibition can be found here.