Established in 1879 and given to Derby by the philanthropist Michael Thomas Bass.

At the Museum and Art Gallery, the works of Joseph Wright of Derby are the crown jewels of our collections. Wright’s paintings and sketches embody a spirit of discovery, stimulated by the 18th century Enlightenment. He painted scenes of science, experimentation and exploration. He painted enlightened men of industry and learning.

Through observing nature and manufactured items from the past, enlightened people questioned received wisdom and superstition. They thirsted for knowledge of the world around them, which they used to understand their place in the Universe. Derby Museum and Art Gallery should elicit pleasure and joy from curiosity. It should encourage visitors to take notice of their surroundings, to marvel at the complexity of nature and to think differently about their world.

The Royal Lancers Museum is located within Derby Museum and Art Gallery, and is accredited in its own right. It displays the best objects associated with the regiment as an integrated part of The Soldiers Story gallery. This gallery also features material relating to the Sherwood Foresters and Derbyshire Yeomanry Regiments.